Type to Learn: Getting Started

Getting Started with Type to Learn 

For a quick understanding of Type to Learn, read through our Type to Learn - Teacher Quick Start Guide.

There are five main steps in getting started with Type to Learn. 

  1. Signing In: Account Code, Username, Passwords
  2. Creating Buildings: Admin Role to Create a Building (Essential for Use)
  3. Users: Admin/Teacher and Student Roles
  4. User Settings: Admin/Teacher Role to Edit Settings for Groups of Users and Individual Users
    (Make sure to adjust settings before having students sign in).
  5. Reporting: Certificates, Student Reports, and Admin Report.

Integration with Clever SSO:


Type to Learn for Students

Technology Information

  1. Minimum System Requirements
  2. White-Listing Type to Learn for Access
  3. Active Directory Integration 
  4. Type to Learn: Custom Browser
  5. Type to Learn: Compatibility with iPads

More information on Type to Learn can be found in the Teacher's Guide and Training Videos.

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