Type to Learn: Getting Started

Getting Started with Type to Learn 

For a quick overview and understanding of Type to Learn, read through the Type to Learn - Teacher Quick Start Guide.

There are five main steps in getting started with Type to Learn. 

  1. Signing In. You'll need your Account Code, Username, and Password, provided to you by your Account Manager.
  2. Creating a Building: Organization Admin must Create a Building, but usually your Account Manager will have already created at least one building in your account.
  3. Add Users: Admins and Teacher can both add new users/students. Only Admins can add new Admins.
  4. Adjust the Settings: Admin/Teacher Roles can edit the TTL Settings for groups of users or individual students. You should be familiar with the program and what the settings do before changing any. Make sure to adjust all settings before having students sign in.

That's it! You're ready to have your students log in and start typing!


Once your students have had some time to complete a few lessons, it will be important that you know how to access and read the reports. Having a good understanding of the reporting and how Type to Learn calculates the lesson results and goals will be important to properly grading the student's progress.

Additional Resources:

Training Resources:

Type to Learn for Students

Integration with Clever SSO:

Technology Information

  1. Minimum System Requirements
  2. White-Listing Type to Learn for Access
  3. Active Directory Integration 
  4. Type to Learn: Custom Browser
  5. Type to Learn: Compatibility with iPads

More information on Type to Learn can be found in the full Teacher's Guide and Training Videos.



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