Type to Learn: Understanding User Roles

When creating users, a user role must be assigned to the user.

Important Note: Every user (organization admin excluded) must be assigned to a building to access game. 

The four user roles are:

  • Organizational Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Teacher
  • Student

Organizational Administrator - This user role has access to all features as well as unlimited visibility on the entire account. Org Admins can create buildings, create users of all roles, change user login credentials, run all reports on all users, view and create groups and much more.

Building Administrator - This user role has access to all features as well as unlimited visibility in the Building. This also includes the ability to view and create all groups, classes, and users in the building.

Teacher - This user role is only able to see and create the groups and classes that are associated with their own account. Any groups and classes that are not associated with this specific account will not be visible under this user role.

Student - This user role only has access to their own account. They can also run reports on their progress in the game but have no admin abilities.



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