Type to Learn: Specifications for CSV Import File

Import files must be in a CSV format. You can convert an Excel file to CSV by selecting "Save As" and selecting Comma Separated Values (.CSV) as the format. When you close the file you will be given several prompts that you should choose yes to save. You will now be able to import users into Type to Learn. 


  1. Username (required) - Unique username with lowercase letters, numbers, period (.), or @. 
  2. Password (required) - Case sensitive and must be letters or numbers. Cannot include special characters.
  3. First Name (required)
  4. Last Name (required)
  5. email (optional, recommended for teachers and administrators)
  6. Grade (optional) - K,1-12. A students grade level sets the Default Type to Learn Settings and is recommended for students.
  7. Building (required) - Identifies the building a user is associated.
  8. Group (optional) - Teachers and students are able to be associated with a group (class) through the import.
  9. Role (required) - Teacher or Student.

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