Type to Learn: User Settings

Click here to watch the Individual Settings training video. 

Type to Learn is designed with Default Settings (based on student grade) so that a student can log in immediately and launch their Type to Learn Adventure, but a teacher or administrator is able to modify these User Settings to customize and differentiate each student's experience.

Teachers will not be able to make modifications to TTL Settings unless student and teacher are organized in the same group.

To modify the students Type to Learn Settings you must first select your building. This will display additional options in the Navigation Section.

When in the correct building, click on TTL Settings in the Navigation Section.

Type to Learn Settings may be modified for an entire Group (Class) or for Individual Users. (The Settings options will not appear until a Group (Class) or User has been selected.)

Information about each setting can be found by selecting the Help Button next to each setting.

Information regarding each setting, including default setting, can be found by selecting the Help Button next to each setting.


Group Settings

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User Settings


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