Type to Learn: Building Groups

Click here to watch the Creating and Editing Groups training video. 

Building Groups

You can access the "Building Groups" icon from within a selected building on the navigation bar. You must be in a building for the "Building Groups" icon to be displayed on the navigation bar.

Users (Students & Teachers) in Groups:

  • Users can be added to an existing group through "add/remove users" feature.
  • Users can be assigned a role, grade, group, and building through the import process. Please note: buildings need to be created before importing and the importing process will automatically create groups (classes).
  • Teachers can be in more than one group; for teacher management of settings and reporting.
  • Each group should have a teacher assigned or the organizational admin will be the only user to have access to the group’s settings and reports.

Accessing Building Group icon

  • Navigation Bar from within a building: Teachers and Admin can access building groups icon.




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