Type to Learn: Importing Users

Click here to view the Importing Users training video. 

Select Users Icon in the Navigation Section on the left side of the page.


Select Import Users in the upper right corner of the page.


Select Download CSV template,
click here for information on the spreadsheet (CSV File) specifications (see below).


Nine headings for the spreadsheet (CSV template): username, password, first name, last name, email, grade1, building1, group1, and role1. 

Headings need to remain the same and in the same order.
Delete sample information and type in your student and teacher information. 

  1. Username (required) - Unique username with lowercase letters, numbers, period (.), dash (-), underscore (_) or @.
  2. Password (required) - Case sensitive and must be letters or numbers. Cannot include special characters. Must be four or more characters long.
  3. First Name (required)
  4. Last Name (required)
  5. Email (optional) recommended for teachers and administrators.
  6. Grade (optional) - K,1-12  Students grade level sets the Default Type to Learn Settings and is recommended for students.
  7. Building (required) - Identifies the building a user is associated.
  8. Group (optional) - Recommended for teachers and students to be associated with a group (class) through the import.
  9. Role (required) - Teacher or Student

Make sure to save your spreadsheet (CSV file) as comma delimited not tab delimited.


Once your spreadsheet (CSV file) is complete Select Choose FileUpload this file.


Once spreadsheet is uploaded then Upload users.


 You will be asked to preview the users before selecting Upload Type and clicking Upload users.

Once you have viewed your preview, choose your Upload Type

  • Add new and update existing users
  • Update existing users only
  • Add new only, skip existing users


Click the Upload user Button.


User View from User Icon after upload is complete.


The Do's & Don'ts of Importing Users

Do's of Importing Users:

  • For first time users, make sure to have your organization admin create any buildings before starting importing.
  • For new imports, download your CSV template by selecting the "Users" icon and then the "Import Users" button.
  • Make sure to keep the nine headings in order on the CSV file.
    • Nine Headings: username, password, first name, last name, email, grade1, building1, group1, and role1.
  • Usernames have to be unique for each user with lowercase letters, numbers, period (.), or @.
  • Create a universal or unique password for each user (four or more characters required). 
  • Required fields are username, password, first name, last name, building1, and role1.
  • Fill out the group's field to create groups in your account (recommended but not required). 
  • Make sure to save your CSV file as comma delimited not tab delimited.

Don'ts of Importing Users:

  • Import users before your admin creates buildings.
  • Headings still need to remain in order even with the optional fields being left blank (email, grade1, and group1). 
  • Passwords are case sensitive, must be letters or numbers, cannot include special characters, and must be four characters or more long.


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