Wonder Workshop: Technical Support

If you are experiencing any issues with Dash, Dot or any other Wonder Workshop components, please contact Wonder Workshop's support team directly. Sunburst Digital can only provide limited support on Wonder Workshop robots, but if you're unable to receive the necessary support from Wonder Workshop, please let us know!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Wonder Workshop support is only provided to Sunburst Digital customers. If you did not make your Wonder Workshop through Sunburst Digital, please contact Wonder Workshop support directly using the information above.

Contacting Wonder Workshop

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Battery Problems

  • If your robot is not charging, or holding a charge, it is likely a problem with the battery. If you purchased the robot within the last year, Wonder Workshop will replace the unit free of charge as it is still under warranty.
  • The lithium batteries should last 4-5 years under normal use. If you're within that time frame and the battery stops charging or holding a charge, it's simply time to replace the unit.
  • The Lithium batteries cannot be replaced. DO NOT OPEN YOUR ROBOT. Opening your robot will void the warranty.

Robot Not Responsive?

  • If your device isn't responding to the app, there are a few things to double check. Make sure the firmware on the robot is up-to-date. Make sure the app is up-to-date. Make sure you are connected to the proper robot via Bluetooth.
  • If you are still having problems connecting, please contact Wonder Workshop support.
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