Dash or Dot Robot is Malfunctioning - Needs Replacement

Be sure your robots are still under warranty.  Sunburst can provide you with purchase information if needed. Wonder Workshop robots are covered for one year after purchase. If you require a replacement to be shipped to you and are able to ship your robot back to Wonder Workshop, then complete the following steps:

Prepare an email to be sent to

 The contents of that email should be as follows:

  1. Issue with the robot, explain the malfunction and any troubleshooting you attempted - include screenshot or video of the actual program used and the error they've been experiencing
  2. Provide the specific PO/WW order number
  3. Provide the Serial Number off the malfunctioning unit.  The serial number is on the underside of the robots in very small black text (see image) or can be located by connecting the Go app and using the “About” feature to see the unit’s serial number on your device.  Use this image to determine serial number
  4. Provide a shipping address that you would like your new robot sent to



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