edredi: How to Navigate through Organizations

Accessing Organization Information and Actions

If the user is assigned the role of “Owner” for the Organization, most of the Organization editing will be predominantly done from within the Organization’s Information Screen on the edredi Portal.

To access the Organization's Information Screen, start by clicking on the arrow to the right of the username in the top right corner of the edredi Portal. Then click on the Organization Name link:


or by clicking the Organization names in the “Lessons” or “Categories” menus where it says “Added By” and “Selected By”.


In the Organization’s Information Screen, the “Actions Panel” to the right has all the options for editing the Organization, including creating new Sub-Organizations:


Reviewing Sub-Organization Information

Users can review Sub-Organizations in the Organization Info Screen by clicking on the "Subordinate Organizations" arrow towards the bottom:


If users click on the name of one of the Sub-Organizations in the roll-down list, the user will immediately be brought to that Sub-Organization’s Information Screen, where he or she can also review the Sub-Organizations that are beneath that Sub-Organization:


Access the Parent Organization's Information Screen

The Parent Organization is also accessible within the Organization’s Information Screen by clicking on the name of the Parent Organization:

Addressing Additional Organization Needs

If the user needs to transfer from the Main Organization to the Sub-Organization, or just between Organizations that he or she is assigned to, please review the support article, "How to Switch between Organizations".

If the user needs to copy Lessons from the Main Organization to Sub-Organizations, please review the support article, "Copying Content from your Parent Organization". This article basically explains how to copy Lessons to another Organization or Sub-Organization from within a Lesson's Menu Screen.

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