Type to Learn: Reporting

Type to Learn: Reporting

Watch the Video on "Reporting" here.


The Certificates icon will allow you to print individual narrative reports for students. Students also receive a certificate after completing an assessment and can print from the browser window or through their certificate icon on their home screen upon logging into to Type to Learn.

**Please check the "Background Graphics" box on your print screen to enable printing of the border & logo.

Student Reports: Status Report & Detailed Report

Status Report

The Status Report is a quick snapshot report with color coding and displays data on words per minute (WPM) & Accuracy scores from the pre-test, final challenges, and assessments. 

  • Green: student has met both goals
  • Yellow: student has met the goal minimums
  • Red: student has not met the goal minimums

Goal Minimums within Type to Learn are -10% WPM or -7 WPM (whichever is less) and 85% Accuracy.
For example: a student who has a goal of 20 WPM & 90% Accuracy will be able to keep moving through the program at 13 WPM & 85% Accuracy. These goal minimums were designed to reduce frustration and allow students to progress through the program while still documenting their actual scores. 

Pre-Test: The Type to Learn Diagnostic Pre-test is designed to assess and place a student at the appropriate keyboarding level. The Pre-Test consists of 16 steps. Pre-test Goals (accuracy & WPM) are set at Step 1, then increase at step 5 and again on step 10. Each step assesses a different set of keys to correctly level the student.

Status Report Searching: You can search for one student's scores by typing in the last name or first name in the field heading.

Detailed Report

The Detailed Report shows WPM, Accuracy, and Adjusted WPM for each lesson, assessment, activity, final challenge, and custom content a student has completed. 

Detailed Report Searching:
You can search for a student, group, grade, lesson, activity, assessment, final challenge, & custom content within the detailed report by typing in the field heading.

Adjusted WPM is calculated by multiplying the WPM & Accuracy scores together. For example a student has 72 WPM & 91 Accuracy their Adjusted WPM is 66 (72 X .91). 

Error Report (within the Detailed Report):
An Error Report can be selected by clicking on the exclamation point next to the assessments & final challenges within the detailed report. The Error Report will give you specific data on key strokes, finger strokes, and hand use with percentages correct.  

Admin Report

The Admin Report shows a summary of total students, active students, usage, and average WPM & Accuracy scores of final challenges. 

Please click on each individual report name to view screenshots & more information on reporting.

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