Help With Clever: Recommended Sharing Settings

After you connect your Clever account with Type to Learn you will need to adjust what data is being shared with Type to Learn.

The easiest method is to "Share All", which will work just fine, but with the way rostering works with Type to Learn, all associated Sections in Clever will be created in Type to Learn as Groups, which typically includes many Sections unrelated to typing (art, music, math, etc.) We strongly recommend you do not share all your Sections with Type to Learn. Try to set up Clever to share only one section (the one related to typing) or no sections at all.

Recommended Sharing Settings:

We understand all Clever accounts are set up differently and what may work for one may not work, or could be differently, for others. That being said, below is one set up we have found to work well for sharing students but not sections.

  • First, you need to be "Sharing by Rules"
  • Add a new rule for Students and share any students that are in the schools using Type to Learn
  • Edit the additional filter to not share associated teachers or section data
  • Add a new rule for Teachers and share any teachers that are in the schools using Type to Learn


If you don't want your teachers logging in through Clever, you can keep the sharing rule for teachers off. However, if you do this, you will need to add new teachers through the Type to Learn website, and teachers will need to log in at

Other Sharing Options:

You may be able to add a sharing rule for Sections, limiting it to only the necessary grade levels that use Type to Learn. If this sharing rule only pulls in one section, then sharing that section with Type to Learn would be fine.


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