Type to Learn Money Back Guarantee

Sunburst Digital Learning guarantees that students at your school who complete the full Type to Learn program will see an average improvement in their adjusted words-per-minute (AWPM) by at least 50%. If your students' average adjusted words-per-minute does improve by 50%, Sunburst will refund your entire subscription cost for that year. Details below.

Guarantee Details:

  • At least 20% of the total student licenses purchased must have completed the full program in order for the account to qualify for the guarantee.
  • Program must be completed in a single school year (or within your 12 month subscription period) to qualify for the guarantee.
  • Full program = Pre-Test through Assessment 6, including all Activities and Assessments (does not require Lessons A, B, 33 and 34).
  • Adjusted WPM = WPM * Accuracy.
  • How we calculate: We average the initial AWPM (from Pre-Test or Assessment 1) and ending AWPM (from Assessment 6) of all students that completed the full program. Then we see if the amount improved is more or less than 50% of the initial AWPM average.
  • The data included in the calculation will be from any student that fits the above criteria since your last renewal date.

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