Type to Learn: Integrating with Clever

What is Clever?

Clever is a third-party solution that allows school districts to have one central location for their organization's data, allowing them to manage student and teacher access to multiple applications at once. For more information about Clever and whether it's right for your district, click here.

Once a school or district starts using Clever for single-sign-on or rostering, the normal Type to Learn login will not work. This applies to all customers, new and existing. If you wish to stop using Clever in the future, we will restore your ability to log in through Type to Learn.

Check Out Our Clever - Frequently Asked Questions

How Rostering Works

It's important to understand how rostering works before implementing Clever.

Rostering is an additional benefit to single-sign-on that will create a new User in Type to Learn if there is no existing student in the system. Type to Learn uses the student's email address in Clever and checks your Type to Learn account for that same email address. If it is found, that student is logged in to their existing account. If no email address is found, a new User is created using the student data from Clever and that new user is then logged in.

Once you start using Clever you will be unable to log in to Type to Learn from our normal login page. The old usernames will not work anymore. This is done for security purposes.

Getting Started

To access Type to Learn through Clever, you will need the following:

  • An active Clever account (if you do not have one, create one here, it's free).
  • An active Type to Learn account (if you do not have one, contact us here).
  • Student rosters successfully imported into your Clever account (usually this is synced to your SIS).
  • The Type to Learn app added to your Clever account. Find us here.

Whether you're a new or existing customer, your district will first need to have a Clever account set up before you can integrate with Type to Learn. Joining Clever is completely free for districts, it just takes a little bit of time to get onboarded and set up. Clever’s support team will help you every step of the way. Click here to get started with Clever.

Once your account is set up in Clever, you will need to add the Type to Learn Application to your dashboards.

Connect to the Type to Learn App in Clever

  • First, log in as a Clever/District admin
  • Click “Applications” in the left menu
  • Do a search for “Type to Learn”
  • When you see our app (look for the Type to Learn logo), click the “Request App” link on the right side.

Alternatively, you can find us in the app gallery or if you're logged in to Clever, request access from this direct link.

Now that your district is set up in Clever, below is what will need to happen in order for your students to log in to Type to Learn, depending on what type of customer your are and whether or not you want to use the rostering capabilities or not.


Current Customers Not Currently Using Clever Single Sign On (SSO)

If you’re not currently using Clever then you will first need to make sure all your users in Type to Learn have their email address included before we provide access to the Type to Learn application. Without an email address in Type to Learn Clever cannot match the students. With rostering enabled, any student who logs in from Clever without a matching email address will create a new, duplicate User in Type to Learn. This will use up your licenses and cause that student to start back at the beginning. Our support team will confirm all email addresses are in Type to Learn before allowing access to the Type to Learn application.

Our support team can help you update your Users to include their email addresses. To do so, send an email to and let them know you would like some help (have your list of student emails handy). Once that is complete, we’ll accept your request through Clever and everything will start to work.

Current Customers Already Using Clever SSO

Because Clever single-sign-on will not work without first having an email address in Type to Learn, then you can continue using Clever like normal. If you would like to enable rostering so new students can also log in to Type to Learn, simply let our Customer Support team know and they will get that enabled.

New Customers

For new customers starting with Clever, we just need to know if you plan to use Clever for SSO, Rostering or both. Once have set up your account to match your use-case, there is nothing special you need to do after you have requested Type to Learn through Clever. Once Type to Learn and Clever are linked, simply have your students, teachers and admins log into Clever first, then click the “Type to Learn” icon to launch the program. Type to Learn will automatically create a User in your Type to Learn account and log them in.

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