Ignite! Learning: Problems with Anti Virus Software

If you see the following error when launching the Ignite! Learning program, it may be caused by your anti virus program.


The Problem

There is a small program (USBverifier.exe) on the device that runs every time the software is launched. This program checks the device for a unique serial number that is created the first time anyone launches the software. If the serial number does not exist, you will see this error. However, if the USBverifier.exe program is unable to run, you will also see this error.

We have found that some anti-virus programs view this program as malicious and automatically quarantine the program when you plug in the USB device. Once the program is missing, you will not be able to launch the software and you will see the above error message.

The Solution

1. If possible, turn off your anti-virus software first, then plug in the USB device and try to launch the Ignite! Learning software. Note: This will only work for fresh devices that have not already been scanned by the anti-virus software.

2. If you see the above error message, open your anti-virus software and look for an Event that shows you the file USBverifier.exe was quarantined. If you can view the recently Quarantined files and then Approve or Accept the USBverifier.exe file, the anti-virus software should put the file back and automatically add it as an Exclusion. Once done, try to open the Ignite! Learning software again.

3. If you cannot disable the anti-virus software and don't have access to Quarantined files, then you may need to manually add the file as an Exclusion to your anti-virus program. Search how to add exclusions to your specific program and then add the following directory/file as an exclusion:

  • e:\ignite\usbverifier.exe

Note: "E:\" is the directory of the USB drive. Depending on your computer, this could be a different letter, such as F:\ or G:\

If you need to replace the USBverifier.exe program because it was deleted, you can download a ZIP of the program from our Google drive here:

Anti-Virus Software Tested and Confirmed to Work with Ignite! Torches

  1. Bitdefender
  2. Sophos

If you're anti-virus software is not listed above, please let us know what it is so we can test it to make sure it works with the Ignite! Torch.

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