Type to Learn Challenge

Now that you have completed your Entry Form here are the steps to get started with the Type to Learn Challenge 

Step 1: Download your CSV template

Step 2: Fill out the CSV template with user information (the following data information will detail what needs to be filled out in the CSV template

         Username: A unique username must be created for students, teachers and building admins

         Password: Must be created for user to log in (can be the same as username and there is no minimum requirement)  

          First Name: Must be filled out

          Last Name: Must be filled out (Please leave out any characters such as hyphens (-) or any other characters except letters as this will cause the import to fail

          Email: Optional but column must be there but does not have to be filled out

          Grade: Must be filled out for students

          Building: Must be filled out with the exact name of the school given in the Entry Form

          Group: Optional but column must be there but does not have to be filled out

          Role: Must be filled out with any of the following roles student, teacher or buildingadmin (all must start with lowercase letter)

Step 3: After CSV is imported you will go to the User icon on the left navigation bar and select Import Users 

Step 4: You will drop or select CSV template from your files in in import box

Step 5: You will select Upload users which will bring you to a preview of the of the users being imported then once previewed you will select Upload and all users in the template will be added and able to login 

Step 6: Your students and teachers will be able to access the program through the link provided in the Type to Learn Challenge email that you received and entering their username and password

Step 7: Start typing for your chance to win!!!


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