Restore your Kano Profile with a New SD card/Image

  • To restore your Kano Profile, you will have to log into Kano World as soon as you are on the desktop of the new SD card/image. 
  • Once you have logged into your Kano World account, allow up to 5-10 minutes for the Kano World account to sync (depending on internet connection speed). Check the profile icon on the upper left corner of your screen to see if the level is correct as you previously had.
  • If your profile doesn’t appear to have updated after 10 minutes, please try to restore your profile by clicking on the “Profile” icon on the bottom right of your desktop, then click “Restore”.



  • You may have this happen, if it does, just right click on it and click close window.




  • You should get “Restore OK” once your profile is restored successfully, and your profile level should be updated.




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