Type to Learn: Integrating with Clever for SSO

Type to Learn has partnered with Clever to make signing on to the application much easier and convenient for your staff and students. 

NOTE: You will still need to import your users (student, teacher, administrator) into Type to Learn. You will need to ensure that every user has a unique email associated with their Type to Learn account as this is how the Clever application will authenticate the user (student, teacher, administrator). 

For Type to Learn access through Clever, you will need the following.

  • An active Clever account (If you do not have one, click here to create one)
  • An active Type to Learn account
  • Users imported into Type to Learn with unique email addresses (Note: Clever authenticates users using first name, last name, email address. For authentication to take place, information must match on both platforms)
  • Users imported into Clever account
  • The Type to Learn app added to your Clever account for access. Find us here.

Once users are imported into both programs and the Type to Learn app is linked, you will then be able to allow your students to access and login to their Clever account using their unique login credentials.

Once a user selects Type to Learn as the app they wish to launch, Clever will send an authentication request to Type to Learn, match the users first name, last name and email, then grant them access to Type to Learn from the Clever program. 

You have now linked your Type to Learn and Clever accounts for Single Sign-On and students will now be able to access Type to Learn from their Clever account. 

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