Update Your Kano Operating System

Kano OS comes with a simple but powerful tool to keep your system always up to date: Kano Updater

How can I update my system?

You have 3 different options to run the Updater:

  • Start menu (K) > Others > Updater
  • Apps > Others tab > Updater
  • Updater widget in the bottom bar menu

How do I know if an update is available?

The system will auto-detect if an update is available. If so the following 2 things will happen:

  • A pop-up will come up after boot or after resuming the system from the screensaver, prompting you to update.

  • The Updater widget will turn orange 

How can I check the current version of my system?

There are 2 ways to check in which version your system is currently in:

  • Go to Settings > About
  • Open a terminal (K > Code > Terminal) and type kanux-version

Where can I see a detailed list of changes?

We publish the list of main changes on our forum the same day of the release. These are some examples:

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