Type to Learn: About Clever Single Sign On

What is Clever?

Clever is a 3rd party solution that enables school districts to allow students access to multiple programs using only one sign in. Clever is a Single Sign-On service that authenticates a student, teacher or administrator in order to access Type to Learn. In short, it simplifies the login process by reducing the number of usernames and passwords students and teachers will have to remember to gain access to all the various resources and softwares used in the classroom.


Who Should Sign Up For Clever?

Clever is optimized to be managed at the district level. In order to create and administer a Clever account, you will need administrative access to your SIS and authority to sign Clever’s Terms of Service. Examples of individuals with sufficient access to manage a Clever account include Chief Technology Officers, SIS/Database Managers, and other district IT Administrators. Teachers, Academic Coaches, and Principals typically have insufficient SIS access to set up a Clever account.


How does Clever work with Type to Learn?

Type to Learn uses the SSO feature that Clever offers. This allows Clever access to TTL to authenticate the user trying to access Type to Learn. It does this by comparing 3 data points on the user account (first name, last name, and email address). This means that in order to use Clever, you will need to first upload your students into Type to Learn and ensure that the data points in both systems match exactly. If there is no match, there will be no authentication and no access. 

Important Note: Your Type to Learn users (the student) must have an email address associated with their accounts in order to use this feature. 

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