Type to Learn: About Clever

What is Clever?

Clever is a third-party solution that allows school districts to have one central location for their organization's data, allowing them to manage student and teacher access to multiple applications at once. Student's log in to Clever and then have easy, one-click access to log in to a variety of educational applications, such as Type to Learn. In short, it simplifies the login process by reducing the number of usernames and passwords students and teachers have to remember to gain access to all the various resources, applications and software used in the classroom.

Once a school or district starts using Clever for single-sign-on or rostering, the normal Type to Learn login will not work. This applies to all customers, new and existing. If you wish to stop using Clever in the future, we will restore your ability to log in through Type to Learn.

Who Should Sign Up For Clever?

Clever is optimized to be managed at the district level. In order to create and administer a Clever account, you will need administrative access to your SIS and authority to sign Clever’s Terms of Service. Examples of individuals with sufficient access to manage a Clever account include Chief Technology Officers, SIS/Database Managers, and other district IT Administrators. Teachers, Academic Coaches, and Principals typically have insufficient SIS access to properly set up a Clever account.

How does Clever work with Type to Learn?

Type to Learn integrates with Clever through Rostering and Single Sign On (SSO). SSO will always be available once a district connects to Type to Learn, and Rostering can be enabled by request.

For New Customers

Once your Clever account is linked with Type to Learn, students simply have to login to Clever and launch Type to Learn from their Clever Dashboard. If there is no user currently in Type to Learn for that student, a user gets created. If there is already an existing student in Type to Learn, that student is simply logged in to the program.

For Existing Customers

If you've been using Clever with Type to Learn for SSO, or are a current customer that wants to start using Clever, it's very easy to link Type to Learn to your Clever account, but we must first make sure that all the Users in your Type to Learn account (Admins, Teachers and Students) have an email address in their account before linking with Clever. This applies whether you plan to use rostering or not.

If you have rostering enabled and a student's email address isn't present when they try to log in, it will assume they are a new User and create a new User account. This can cause duplicate accounts, unnecessarily use up your licenses and causes students to start the program over. Our support team will help ensure your Type to Learn account is ready to connect with Clever before we accept your integration request.

Important Note: All Type to Learn users, including the students, must have an email address associated with their accounts in order for the Clever integration to work. 

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