Type to Learn: Can't Pass a Lesson

If your student(s) are having trouble getting past a lesson or activity please check the following:

  1. Detailed Student Report - A student must be able to meet BOTH WPM and Accuracy Goals in order to advance past the current Lesson. The Detailed Student Report will tell you if the student(s) are meeting both WPM and Accuracy Goals.
  2. WPM and Accuracy Goals - Navigate to TTL Settings > Group Settings Tab or User Settings Tab
    • If you think the WPM and/or Accuracy Goals are too high, try selecting the Manual option and lower the WPM and/or Accuracy goals. Don't forget to SAVE.
  3. Security Check Options - If you have 100% accuracy currently selected, you may want to consider switching to Errors Allowed, but can't proceed until type correct key instead. You can find this option under TTL Settings > Lesson Settings Tab > Security Check Options.
    • 100% Accuracy requires zero errors, otherwise, the student must start all over again. This includes typing accidental spacebars, even if the student had it perfect to the very end, but just happens to hit the spacebar out of habit from the typing exercise.

If after checking all of these you are still experiencing trouble, please contact our support team.


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