Type to Learn: Option to Advance Using the "Start at Lesson" Feature

Issues: Teacher wants to either disable Start at Lesson option, or use it to set the student to start at a higher lesson.

1.  A student may be allowed to skip lessons based on the Diagnostic Pretest, which is On and Required for all students by default. The Pre-Test needs to be disabled (unchecked) in order to select the "Start at Lesson" option.


2.  A teacher or administrator updates the Type to Learn User Settings to "Start at Lesson" and indicates a particular lesson.



3.  A student has successfully completed the required sections of the previous lesson.

Note: Once a student has access to a lesson the student will be allowed to access any previous lesson. A teacher is allowed to prevent a student from advancing past a specific lesson, but once a student has access to a Lesson the student will be allowed access to all previous lessons.


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