Type to Learn - Cloud Version: Getting Started

White-Listing Type to Learn for Access

To be completed by your IT or Tech team. It is recommended that the following websites be white-listed on BOTH your network (to allow access to Type to Learn's features) as well as be allowed in your browser's popup blocker (in order to be able to save lesson/assessment progress):


To Launch the Type to Learn Adventure, here are some topics you should review:

Signing In

Learn how to access Type to Learn by reading Signing In.

Lesson Overview and Scope and Sequence

Learn about the instruction and activities in Type to Learn by reading Lesson Overview and Scope and Sequence.

How are words per minute calculated?

Learn about the method by which Type to Learn calculates WPM and Accuracy. Click here

Adding User Accounts

Learn how to add a single user account by reading Adding User Account.

It is recommended that students and teachers be associated with Groups (Classes) for ease of Management and Reporting. Learn more about this in Building Groups.

Importing User Accounts

Learn how to import user accounts by reading Importing User Accounts.

Update Type to Learn Settings

Learn how to customize Type to Learn Settings by reading User Settings.

School to Home Connection

A Parent Letter to be sent home with students can be found here.

Minimum System Requirements

The Minimum System Requirements for Type to Learn are detailed here.

Active Directory Integration

Learn how to integrate your Active Directory by reading Active Directory Integration.



Learn More

Type to Learn: Getting Started




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