Wonder Workshop: Getting Started

First Steps to Get Started With Dash and Dot

  1. Label each Robot:
    Make sure to label each robot with a permanent marker, sticker, or label so you know which tablet goes with each robot. You can even have students vote on names.
  2. Download & Name Robots in App:
    Download all five apps from Wonder Workshop and name the robots using the Go app.
  3. Charge your Robots & Check for Updates:
    Each robot has a rechargeable battery; plug into the wall or computer it takes 60 to 90 minutes to charge. We recommend a five or ten port charger for multiple robots. The robot is charging when the micro USB connection port illuminates with the cord plugged in and when the light turns off the robot is fully charged. Dash has a battery life of 90 minutes and Dot has a battery life of several hours. The power button will flash when they have less than 10 % battery left. 
  4. Set up a teacher account on with Class Connect App
    ClassConnect Overview (PDF)
    Learn how to set up your teacher account on the Class Connect App

Wonder Workshop Resources:


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