Sparkito Parents Letter

Dear Parents: ________________

Your school recently purchased the Dual Language Program for Parental Involvement called Sparkito ESS!. This is at no cost to you. With the digital content of Sparkito you can help your child at home in the areas of: Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Music. Sparkito combines animated media, music, songs, games, vocabulary and activities to engage kids. Follow five easy steps to enjoy Sparkito online:

1. Log in to (using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser)
2. Click on Access
3. Enter the 4-letter code provided for the teacher:___________
4. Enter the name of the district:____________
5. Click on Go.

Pop-up blockers will need to be deactivated for Sparkito to work properly. For Ipad, download the app called Puffin to open Sparkito.

Additional Information about Sparkito ESS! It is recommended to repeat each story, song or tutorial for 5 days. This process helps to develop the neurological network to enhance learningdue to the multisensory stimuli. Students will be repeating more each day, thereby building long-term memory. Language Arts has a special section for “Fonética de Español”(Spanish Phonics) that it is only available in Spanish. It has animated syllables, words containing these syllables, and activities to help in the reading and writing process. The music content is design to learn some aspects of music, concerts, and recognize the different musical instruments. Through music, students may learn syllables or tempo of language using Words and Rhythm. Try the music activities to develop different learning skills.

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