Knowledge Adventure JumpStart 5th Grade

JumpStart 5th Grade: Player cannot get past the dialogue in the museum:
Problem: Player cannot get out of museum. The toolbar at the bottom is not activated, except for the exit button.

In order to get past the museum and activate the toolbar the player will have to click on the correct responses to the dialogue-
When the Janitor tells Jo Hammet about his nephew, Have Jo Hammet respond with:

What was your nephew doing with thugs like those?

Once the janitor answers, have Jo Hammet respond with:

What kind of animal communication?

When the Lab Rat (B.F Skinney) appears and speaks, have Jo Hammet respond with:

Where did you come from?

After B.F. Skinney responds, have Jo Hammet respond with:

That's it, I'm calling an exterminator!

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