Knowledge Adventure JumpStart Disk Space Error Message

Problem: On my JumpStart program I receive a message that disk space is critically low when it appears that I have plenty of disk space.

Recommendation: The cause of the error is very different for Macs than PCs.

PC: The installation to the server must be done through a mapped drive from the workstation to the server. If the letter assigned to that mapped drive is changed this error will. The workstation install will appear to be fine but users will get the error above when attempting to launch the software. To resolve, uninstall from the workstation, change the mapped drive letter to the letter used during the server install and run the workstation install again. If you have forgotten the letter used, check for a Netsetup.ini in the following location:

· (Mapped Drive):\JSNet\?Grade\Support\SETUP

The file should have information like the following example:

[JumpStart 3rd Grade Network]

In the above example G was the letter used during the installation to the server.

MAC: Older Jumpstart programs will give this error on OSX machine when the customer attempts to use Classic Mode and the program is not compatible in Classic Mode. A possible work around for the issue is to boot into OS 9 and run the install from that OS. Mac products that require the monitor must be 13 inches or more will give this error if the requirement is not met.

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