Knowledge Adventure Student Login Black Screen KALauncher

Problem: When I use the Student Network Sign-in the program freezes. I select my class, name and program through the Student Network Signin. The screen turns black with a box stating “KALauncher” in the middle. This is not the same as the program loading and then going back to the desktop.

Recommendation: This is a common issue that occurs when the original installation of the program wrote all the paths but the path has changed since then. Some of the reasons for the problem are:
a. The server was replaced with a new one. The program was not reinstalled but instead the shared directory or the KANet folder was moved to the new server. If the old server was not removed from the network the program will still find the KANet locations and continue to work until the old server or the files on the old server are removed.
b. The program has been installed to a folder on the shared directory and then the folder was deleted. If the KANet directory is moved out of the extra folder then the path is no longer correct.
c. The program was installed to the root of the share correctly but the KANet directory was placed into another folder. If the a folder is created and KANet directory is moved into the folder, the path is no longer correct.
d. The server was changed and a new install was done properly. In an effort to save the users’ information the userdata folder from the old location has been backed up and put it in the new location. If this is the case the software will continue to work until the older server is removed from the network.

To check the original path:
· Go to the KANet folder.
· Open the Userdata >> KARoot >> Signin >> Programs
· Locate the ini file that matches the program.
If this path is incorrect
· Reinstall the program to the new location to ensure all paths are corrected.
Or if you are concerned about needing to re-enter students to the Network Control Panel
· Back up the Classes and Students folders from the KANet >> Userdata >> KARoot >> Signin location and
· Place them back in the appropriate location of the new installation.
The classes and students will be restored to the Network Control Panel and Student Network Signin but each student will have to start over in each program they use.

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