Knowledge Adventure Freezing, Crashing, Permissions and Add User Errors

Problem: I have a freeze or a crash. I cannot set permissions. I get an error message when I am adding a user name The program freezes or crashes at the sign in or at the end of a level when the users progress should be saving. I receive an error when attempting to add a user, but the permissions are set correctly.

Recommendation: Userfile Corruptions are often mistaken for a permission issue. Errors can occur when attempting to add a user, delete a user, or enter the program as an existing user. Sometimes there is not an error and the software just freezes and/or crashes. To determine whether the issue is a permission error: Navigate to the users’ directory. Create a file. Delete the file. We then ask if anyone may have gone into the users’ directory and removed files. If the answer is yes we let the customer know there may be a file corruption. We suggest testing this by backing up the users’ directory and then removing all files and folder for the users’ in that location. If the program functions normally again the customer will need to re-enter all users and try to find out who deleted the files to avoid it from occurring again.

Lockups/Crashes when trying to play the program:
· Verify you have installed all 3rd Party software required by the product. Re-install the program and say ‘Yes’ when prompted to install a 3rd party software such as QuickTime, DirectX etc..
· Verify you have sufficient available disk space to create and/or save user data. You should expect to have 100MB of available space on the drive you have the product installed on to run smoothly.
· Try running the program with other applications closed if not being used by the OS. Try rebooting the system to clear up memory if needed.
· Make sure the CD is in the drive.
· Make sure the user has sufficient rights on the system the program is being run on.

 Problem: I am running Windows 98/ME/SE and cannot get into the program beyond the initial screen or receive an ‘Atlas RunTime’ error of some kind.

Recommendation: You may need to edit a file for the program to change some display settings. Call Tech Support for assistance if you cannot follow these instructions:
1. Find the correct ini file for your program. Do a search of the installed directory and/or “Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Knowledge Adventure” on your hard drive for all .ini files. (the ‘Documents and Settings’ location may vary from system to system)
2. You should see a .ini file with the same base filename as the exe of the program. For example: JumpStart Advanced First Grade will have these files: JAS1G.exe and JSA1G.ini. You will want to edit the JSA1G.ini file. You should make a copy of this file before editing in case you run into any problems.
3. Open the .ini file using notepad.exe or similar text editor.
4. Search the file for these lines and add a semicolon ‘;’ at the beginning of these lines:
5. Save the file, restart your system and run the program again.

Problem: I receive an error about a missing resource of some kind or a file not being found.

Make sure the CD is in the drive when you are launching the program from a shortcut in the program menu or desktop.

Problem: I have a JumpStart Advanced product and it is not recognizing the CD even though it is in the drive. This may present itself as not being able to find a file on the CD or a general problem launching the program.

Recommendation: Your CD drive might have a conflict with the copy protection used on the CD. Contact Tech Support to obtain a patch to fix this problem or download it from this location:

The following applications have a patch for this problem:

To run the patch follow these instructions:

1. Make sure the application is closed and not running in the background.
2. Save the file to your hard drive.
3. Double Click on the .zip file to open up the zipped archive
4. Double Click on the exe you will see in the dialog box that will open up when the zipped file is opened.
5. Once the update is complete, try running the program again. You may need to reboot your system so if attempt a reboot if you have any further problems.
6. If this does not fix the problem you were having, please let us know as soon as possible so we can continue to troubleshoot the problem and find the best solution.

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