Knowledge Adventure The Program Freezes

Problem: The program freezes or gives an error when I try to enter the program or when I have completed a section.

Look at the permission assigned to the folders for the program. If it is a networked program, we check that the user profile to log into the workstation has Read, Write and Delete abilities to the users’ data folder on the server. If the program is a stand alone product we ask if the computer has third party security that may be limiting the rights assigned to the installed files and folders - particularly the user’s data folder. If the computer has a recent operating system and the program works if they log in as the administrator we send the customer directions to check the registry. This is the case for network and stand alone products matching these titles: Typing Tutor 10, Kid Key 2.0, and The Cruncher 2.0. We give the customer the following instructions to help them make the necessary changes to the registry:
Permission must be granted to the student user group on the local machines in the Registry Editor.
Reminder: The user must be logged on as the local Admin to make these changes.

· Click Start
· Click Run
· Type in regedit (regedt32 for windows 2000)
· Expand "H_Key_Local_Machine"
· Expand "Software"
· Right Click on Davidson (just Highlight in 2000)
· Choose Permissions (go to Security on the menu bar and choose Permissions for 2000)
· Highlight the Student user group and allow full control.

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