I'm a Mac user. How do I download and install Type to Learn 4 for school to home use?

If your students are using the program at school(Web-Enabled) and have been sent home with aUsername, Password, and Account Code please see the instructions below:

Lets get started by visiting our Downloads Page

  1. Click the link under MAC Client: Web-Enabled(School to Home).

  2. You will be directed to download the file from our account at Box, click on Download. *Note: You do not need to Sign Up to download our program.*

    Google Chrome:


  3.  After the progress bar is full and the download has completed click on the 'Show in Finder' option in either Google Chrome or Safari.

    Google Chrome:


  4. Double-Click on the file and your MAC will extract the file.

  5. Now double-click on the orange package installer.

  6. Press the "Continue" button each time and then click "Install"
  7. Once the installation has been completed, a Type to Learn 4 window will open located in Applications.

    If the icon does not appear on your desktop or in your dock please create an ALIAS(shortcut) first by pressing control and clicking on the TTL4 icon. The menu will now appear to "Make Alias". Now you can move the TTL4 Alias to your dock or Desktop and begin using the program.



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