For Type to Learn 4, how do I import students?

Type to Learn 4 Guide to Importing Students

Student or teacher  accounts can only be imported through the Type to Learn 4 application.

**Do not import accounts with the same username, as Type to Learn 4 will create duplicates users.**

Sample CSV file:

  1. Create a Comma Separated Value(CSV) file with the following information

    A: Last Name (3-15 characters)
    B: First Name (3-15 characters)
    C: Username (unique, alphanumeric only and 3-15 characters)
    D: Password (less than 12 characters)
    E: Grade (K-12), for student import only
    F: Group (Building), Optional

  2. Save the document in Documents > Sunburst > Type to Learn 4


To import a CSV file:

  1. On the Management page, select "User Management"

    Use the drop-down menu to choose "All Students" or "All Teachers"

    Select "Import Students" or "Import Teachers"

  2. Select the file to be imported and chose "Open"


If there are error(s) in the file a notification will be displayed and a detailed report of the errors can be found in Documents > Sunburst > Type to Learn 4

Examples of errors include:

If the user-import errors file is blank, ensure that the CSV file is closed before importing

"You've included illegal characters..."

"The username you've entered is too long..."

After making corrections to the CSV file reattempt to import the file again.

When the import is complete (the average speed will be about 1 record per 0.5-1 second) the student or teacher accounts will appear on the "User Management" page.

If duplicate usernames were in the account or spreadsheet, duplicate users will be created and will be listed in the user-import-error file located in Documents > Sunburst > Type to Learn 4


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