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Installation Problems:

Problem: I am unsure about the installation. How can I make sure I am successful?

Make sure that you have the instructions in front of you. Refer to the readme file for accurate installation instructions as a reference.

· Verify your system meets the minimum system requirements stated on the product box.
· Double Check the available disk space on the drive you choose to install to.
· Close all other applications before running the installation.
· Follow all recommended options when asked to install 3rd party software tools such as QuickTime or DirectX. You will not be asked to install any 3rd party software unless the application requires it.

Problem: I am running Windows XP and I receive an error saying I need to be in Administrator Mode to install the product.

Windows XP is designed to allow only users with administrative rights to install a product. You will need to logout and log back in using an administrator login with full rights to install software. Refer to the Windows XP help for more information on Administrator rights etc...

Problem: I already have QuickTime on my system - do I need to say ‘Yes’ when asked if I want to install it now?

During the install process you should always install any 3rd party tools such as QuickTime or DirectX if you are prompted to do so. The install process will check your system and ask you to install the 3rd party software if it appears you need to install it on your system. These tools are required by the application and if you do not install them you may have problems running the application. Even though you have an existing version of one of these programs, you may not have the most current version which is why you are being prompted to install it. You are not required to register these 3rd party applications.


Problem: I did not choose to install QuickTime during the installation, now my product will not run.

You can run the QuickTime installer in a couple different ways:
1. Reinstall the entire program , and say yes to installing QuickTime when prompted.
2. Navigate to the ‘QuickTime Installer’ shortcut in the program group for this product. You will need to have the CD in the drive to do this.
3. Search the CD for the ‘QuickTimeInstaller.exe’ and run it directly from the CD. This file usually resides in the Support\Language\English\QTWFILES folder on the CD.

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