Knowledge Adventure Minimum System Requirements

Problem: You are unsure if your system meets the minimum system requirements.

Recommendation : Run DXDiag.exe to get a report of your system.

1. From your taskbar, Click on Start, then Run.
2. In the ‘Open’ box, type dxdiag.exe and click ‘OK’.
3. The DX Diagnostic Tool Dialog Box with open with a detail of your system configuration.

The main page of this dialog box will tell you the version of Windows you are running, how much RAM (Memory) you have and what version of DirectX you have. If your program requires DirectX and you do not have the required version, you need to install it either by running the product’s installer again and selecting yes when prompted to Install DirectX, or go to Microsoft’s website and download the latest version.

Video Card:

Click on the ‘Display’ tab on the top to switch screens to the video. You will see the following dialog box with the information on your system.

You can test the 3D capabilities by selecting the ‘Test Direct3D’ button.

Sound Card:

Click on the Sound tab to get a detailed description of your sound card. You can test the sound by selecting the ‘Test DirectSound’ button.

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