Knowledge Adventure Network Control Panel Not All Installed Products Showing

Problem: I have a Network Control Panel and the Student Network Sign-in. After installing all of the products and launching the Network Control Panel I find only some of the products listed.

Recommendation: Check that all programs are installed to the same KANet folder on the server. Be sure that when installing a Math Blaster and a Reading Blaster, all files and folders go into one KANet directory. If this is not the case, you will need to reinstall making sure all the installed files and folders go into one KANet directory. The only exception is 9-12 versions of MB and RB because they do not use the NCP or the SNS.

If all programs are represented with a folder in the KANet\Windows location, it will be best to contact our tech support representatives so that they can help you resolve this problem quickly. The representative will ask you to navigate to the KANet\USERDATA\KAroot\Signin\Programs folder. At this point, the rep will help you locate an ini file that represents the program that is missing from the NCP. If it is not here, they will need to know exactly which program you have, the server name, and the share name. They will copy the ini file from their server and edit the server name and share name in each path, save it, and send it back to you. They will then help you place the file in the programs folder on the server.

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