Knowledge Adventure OSX Workstation Install Error

Problem: I receive an error message when I try to run the workstation install on my OSX server. 

I receive an error when I attempt to launch the Network Control Panel or Student Network Sign in on my OSX workstation.

Recommendation: Replicate the error and make a note of how the file extension is written. (Uppercase or Lowercase.)
Locate the files on the server and change the case of the file extension to match the error.

The product has been installed as the admin mode which creates a permission issue. The product may have been installed to the server from a workstation as an admin user to the workstation. For the installation of these programs the user must be a Standard User on the workstation.

Refer to the readme file for installation instructions.

Customers with Novell Servers can receive this error if the share on the server exceeds the 8 character limit, has spaces or special characters. Either change the share name (not highly recommended if they have working software install to it) or create a new share on the server.

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