Type to Learn 4 What is an account code?

What is an account code?

An account code is a 6 digit number that is only distributed to customers that have purchased the Web-enabled version of Type to Learn 4. This allows the students to download the program at home and continue to increase their keyboarding skills. 

Where do I find my account code?

If you are an administrator or teacher and can login to the program, the code can be found by clicking on Management > Account Settings. If you cannot log-in to the program and have it installed on your computer you can find the code in a file called "Prefs.ini" this can be located both on Windows and Mac in the Documents > Sunburst > Type to Learn 4 folder.
If you are a parent and your child was not sent home with the code, please contact the school or teacher to request the code to be sent home with the student.
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