Type To Learn 3 Manually Adjust Student Mission

In order to set a student, a group of students, a class or everyone to a different mission, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the program
  2. At the student log-in hold Ctrl + T (Windows) or Control + T (MAC) and enter your password at the prompt.
  3. At the Teacher Options screen click Class Options
  4. Pick one of the following depending on how many students you would like to change:
    1. Click Choose Students
    2. Click Choose Classes
    3. Click Modify Settings for All Classes
  5. Click on the Class Name in the left window the student(s) belong to
  6. Click on the student name in the right window. *Note: To select multiple students from this class hold the Ctrl (Windows) or Control (MAC) key while clicking on names to select or deselect names.*
  7. Click Continue
  8. Click Advanced Setup Options
  9. Click Program Options
  10. In the lower right-hand corner under Mission Number, change the number in the Current Mission Number box to the desired mission.
  11. Click Save

When the student(s) logs in to the program they will be on the mission you set in step 10.

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