Type To Learn 3 "Your password could not be found.."

Symptom: You receive the following error message: "Your password could not be found. You must reinstall from the CD in order to use Teacher Options."

This error is due to a missing password file.


You can create a new one with the following:

1. Locate the Classes.ttl folder on the network server and open the folder.
2. Create a new text document (Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac works for this) with the following information:


3. Save the file as PREFS.INI in the Classes.ttl folder.
4. Run Type to Learn 3.
5. At the student login screen hold Ctrl + T (Windows) Control + T (Mac) to bring up the password prompt for the Teacher Options menu.
6. The newly created password file contains the code for a blank line so leave the password field empty and click OK to access the Teacher Options.

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