Type To Learn 3 Optimize the Database

**If you have multiple teachers, this must be done for EACH one, one at a time by selecting the teacher name before continuing then once done, starting back at #2 step and selecting the next teacher in line. **

  1. Press Ctrl + T (Windows) or Control + T (MAC) to bring up the Teacher Options 
  2. Select the teacher where you are receiving this error and click on "Classes..." button
  3. Click on "Progress Reports" 
  4. Click on "Maintenance" 
  5. Click on the "Optimize Database" button

Note: If you are unable to get into the program, there is an alternative way of optimizing the database. If you follow these instructions be sure that no one is using the program:

**There is no way to complete this action for individual teachers, this however should allow access to the database when and if it becomes a problem to follow the above procedure** 

  1. Locate your Classes.ttl folder (If a standalone copy this will be in the program folder on the local hard-drive. If this is a network version the classes.ttl will be on the network server.)
  2. Inside Classes.ttl there is a folder called Database
  3. Inside the Database folder, delete all the files ending in .cdx (there should be 5 and this will not delete your data. Just be sure you are only deleting .cdx files. The program will build these files again upon re-entering the program.)
  4. Once you have finished the steps directly above, continue into the program and optimize the teacher databases according to the first half of these instructions.
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