Type to Learn 4 Mouse Pointer Not Visible

Important Update:

After December 31, 2016, phone support for Type to Learn 4 will be limited and users will be directed to our online support site.  As your hardware technology changes, Type to Learn 4 may not be compatible with future updates, patches, plugins and/or applications. All future updates will be applied to the next generation fully cloud-based application Type to Learn. Click here to learn more.


If your mouse pointer is disappearing and you are unable to click on any of the buttons it is due to the pointer trailing settings. These settings will need to be disabled before starting the program.


1. Click your start menu and select "Control Panel".
2. Select "Mouse"
If you do not see the option to select your mouse settings you will want to make sure that your "View by:" is set to "Small icons"

3. Deselect "Display pointer trails"

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