Ignite! Learning MAC(10.7 & Higher) Missing the TORCH for Macintosh application?

MAC OS: 10.7(LION) or Higher

The error is specific to Macintosh computers running version 10.7.0 or higher (aka "Lion") of the Macintosh operating system.

Why?: The Torch for Macintosh application is set to "hidden" on Windows operating systems. Earlier versions of the Macintosh operating system ignored the Windows hidden file setting.

How to tell if this is the problem with your current Torch:

  1. Is your Macintosh running version 10.7.0 or higher of the Macintosh operating system?
  2. When you plug in the Torch does the TORCH disk drive appear on the Desktop?
  3. When you double-click on the TORCH disk drive, do you see only 4 files and one folder:
    1. autorun.inf
    2. Torch_Readme_Mac.pdf
    3. Torch_Readme_PC.pdf
    4. torch.exe
    5. ignite (folder)

If the answers to these questions are 'yes' then you simply need to 'unhide' the Torch for Macintosh application file.

To unhide this file download the fix script below:

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