Type to Learn 4 Windows Freezing Issues "Sending data..."

Important Update:

After December 31, 2016, phone support for Type to Learn 4 will be limited and users will be directed to our online support site.  As your hardware technology changes, Type to Learn 4 may not be compatible with future updates, patches, plugins and/or applications. All future updates will be applied to the next generation fully cloud-based application Type to Learn. Click here to learn more.


Operating System: Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1 (For Windows 10, click here)


Step 1:

Click on the "Start" button

Windows 8 users will need to click on the "Desktop" view and click on the manila folder as seen below.

Step 2:

Select "Computer"


Step 3:

Type "\ProgramData" in the address bar (Please make sure you are using the backslash key located under the "Backspace" key)


Step 4:

Locate and right-click on the "Sunburst" folder and select "Properties" from the menu

Step 5:

Click the "Security" tab, then click the "Edit" button


Step 6:

Click the "Add" button


Step 7:

Enter the name "Everyone" in the text field and click the "Check Names" button to ensure that the word "everyone" is underlined and then click "OK"


Step 8:

Click the name "Everyone" in the "Group or user names" box to select it, under "Permissions for Everyone" at the bottom, select the check-box "Full Control" under "Allow" and click "OK"


After clicking "OK", start the program and you should be able to successfully run it

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