Type to Learn: Editing Grade Levels & Groups with Spreadsheet

Editing Grade Level, Groups, and Adding New Students with Spreadsheet

Watch the video on "Editing Grade Level, Groups, and Adding New Students" here.

Using a spreadsheet (CSV file) you can change the grades and groups of users (students and teachers) while also adding new students for the upcoming school year. This should be completed after you have deleted your graduating students.

1. Select Users Icon

2. On the right-hand side of the table, click the dropdown and select “Export all data as CSV”.


This step will allow you to export all your users into a spreadsheet (CSV file) with the nine required headings for import. The export will not include password data (this column will be left blank) and can remain blank during the import process except for new users.

The nine headings in the spreadsheet (CSV file)username, password, first name, last name, email, grade1, building1, group1, and role1. Columns need to remain in the same order as shown in the template and exports.  

  • Username (required) - Unique username with lowercase letters, numbers, period (.), or @.
  • Password (required) - Case sensitive and must be letters or numbers. Cannot include special characters.
  • First Name (required)
  • Last Name (required)
  • Email (optional) recommended for teachers and administrators.
  • Grade (optional) - K,1-12  Students grade level sets the Default Type to Learn Settings and is recommended for students.
  • Building (required) - Identifies the building a user is associated.
  • Group (optional) - Recommended for teachers and students to be associated with a group (class) through the import.
  • Role (required) - teacher or student - Must be lowercase

3. Change all the grades for your existing students within the spreadsheet (CSV file).

4. Change all the groups for your existing students and teachers within the spreadsheet (CSV file). Make sure to save your spreadsheet (CSV file) as comma delimited not tab delimited.

5. Add new students and teachers to your spreadsheet (CSV file). 

6. Import your updated spreadsheet (CSV file) into Type to Learn. Three Upload Types to choose from: Add new and update existing users, Update existing users only, or Add new only, skip existing users.



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