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Ignite! Learning is your complete, localized middle school digital content solution.

Unlike multimedia resources, education websites, and lab-based programs, we target lasting middle school progress with interactive materials, instructional support and integrated assessment designed to current common, state, local, subject, and grade-level priorities integrating existing technology, supporting classroom instruction, building teacher capacity and promoting critical thinking.

Ignite! Learning's digital content solution helps make instruction stick!

Ignite! Learning's instructional design involves presenting a necessary Math, Science, or Social Studies concept within its linear, foundational context in multiple modalities, creating a varied barrage of representation to reach a whole classroom community of learners. Rather than just a textbook description of a concept, we will repeat an idea in multiple engaging ways to appeal to the diverse learning styles and multiple intelligences in a classroom, through videos, interactive games, animations, and music video.

Ignite! Learning's digital content solution includes qualified instructional support that analyzes our school partners' needs.

Ignite! Learning is dedicated to partnering with its schools, delivering high-level training and implementation support with its multimedia curriculum to increase student results. Our goal of fidelity between the curriculum and the service schools receive will earn academic success for schools and children. Our highly experienced instructional support staff will analyze the needs of your school and direct professional development to meet and exceed those needs.

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