Type to Learn: Yearly Procedures for Reporting

There are three steps to running reports and saving student data.

1. Run the reports.

2. Export reach report as a CSV file, which you can open in Google sheets or Excel.

3. Save that Student Data file for your records.

Admin Reports

These reports show the the Total Students in a Group (or Building), the Number of Active Students (students who have completed at least one lesson or activity in Type to Learn during the selected time period), Total Time by all Students (in hours), Average WPM (Final Challenges Only), and Average Accuracy (Final Challenges Only).

Detailed Reports

These reports show detailed information for each Lesson Instruction, Activity,
Assessment, Custom Content that a student has completed. This report includes WPM, Accuracy, and Adjusted WPM (found by multiplying the WPM and Accuracy) for each Lesson Instruction, Activity, Assessment, and Custom Content.



Status Reports

These reports show student progress through Type to Learn. The scores represent Words Per Minute and Accuracy Scores for the highest score established on the Final Challenge or Assessment. This report also includes Words Per Minute and Accuracy Goals. Using the filters at the top of the report, select the Building and Group desired. Status Reports will only be shown for those students who have completed a Final Challenge or Assessment.


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