Type to Learn: Yearly Procedures

Type to Learn: Yearly Procedures 

1. Delete Users (Graduating Students)
Watch the video on "Deleting Graduating Users" here.

2. Promoting, Changing Grade Level, and Changing Groups: Should only be completed after graduating students have been deleted.

  • One Step Process: Change Grades and Groups with CSV- Using a spreadsheet (CSV file) you can change grades and groups of all existing users (students & teachers); as well as add new students to the CSV file. Watch the video on "Editing Grade Level, Groups, and Adding New Students" here.
  • Three Step Process:

Group and Individual Settings Reminder: Verify settings for the new groups of users. Always check WPM and Accuracy goals for the group. Verify the use of the TTL pre-test feature, the automatic goal adjustment feature and all of the other settings that may be specific to your users and/or groups.

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