Type to Learn: Changelog




Assess 4

  • Corrected overlapping sentences and alignment

Lesson 13

  • Progress bar failing to advance has been corrected
  • Fixed Freezing error one Right Arrow key




Tap any key to continue

  • "Tap key to Continue" added in nessessary lessons gamewide


  • Fixed getting audio for Left ctrl as CTRL, when entering wrong key instead left ctrl.

Lesson 23 and  beyond

  • Message master - Fixed alignment issues
  • Drone Control - Fixed "Time is up" message from displaying before timer was up




Lesson 3

  • The Security Check no longer displays keystrokes that have not yet been introduced

Assessment 3

  • Progress bar failing to advance has been corrected

Lesson 26

  • Drone Control - issue with red letter not visible at start now visible

Lesson 31

  • Situations where keys are incorrectly displaying/replacing correct keys has been fixed.




Performance improvements

  • Removed broadcast event in screen-position-caluclator.js, causing unnecessary function calls.
  • Handled Memory leaks,( destroyed function allocation after no longer use)

Bandwidth based assets loading

  • The threshold for low bandwidth is 120 kbps
  • Included large ( size: 484 MB > 120 kbps ) and small (size: 230 MB < 120 kbps ) folders and loaded based on bandwidth.


Lesson 31

  • Fixed freezing on special characters

Lesson 31 Dig This

  • Fixed freezing on "Dump Trash!"

Lesson 32

  • Fixed freezing on special characters

Assessment 5

  • Fixed spacing issues preventing text from advancing.




 Lesson 34

  • Fixed display message after completion

Type to Learn Pre- Assessment

  • Fixed scoring algorithms and lesson placement

Deleting Students 

  • Fixed issue where deleting students would only inactivate
  • Adjusted button placement to Delete students



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