CodeCombat: Curriculum Guides & Resources

CodeCombat: Curriculum Guides & Resources

Make sure you take advantage of all the different resources and materials CodeCombat provides teachers to implement Computer Science instruction successfully.

Here is a list of resources that CodeCombat provides teachers:

  • Level Overviews for each course
  • Solution Guides for each Computer Science course (in Javascript or Python)
  • Teacher Getting Started Guide
  • Student Quick Start Guide
  • NEW Pacing Guides
  • Progress Journal Pages
  • Curriculum Guides for each course
  • Python and Javascript Syntax Guides
  • Arena Levels Teacher Guide
  • Pair Programming Activity
  • Engineering Cycle Worksheet
  • NEW AP Computer Science Principles
  • And so much more...

Make sure to download theses resources from Code Combat's "Resource Hub" to help you be prepared to implement Computer Science in your classroom.

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