Inquiry Based Learning Projects with Dash & Dot

Inquiry Based Learning Projects with Dash & Dot 

Inquiry based learning instruction allows students to assemble ideas to create their own knowledge and understanding. Wonder Workshop fosters active participation by incorporating the use of robots and coding in Inquiry based learning instruction to promote the development of computer science skills, along with creating excitation for learning!

You can optimize your Wonder Workshop capability by registering now for our Advanced Instruction Webinar, Inquiry Based Learning Projects with Dash & Dot. In this exciting new session, you’ll learn how to create and implement inquiry based learning projects using Dash & Dot for grades kindergarten through 8th grade:

  • Foundational knowledge on pedagogical concepts
  • Steps to designing instructional practices
  • Recommendations and extensions for implementation
  • Additional resources & research to guide further curriculum development

Plus, receive a special inquiry based digital packet containing learning discussions, activities, and projects with grading rubrics, graphic organizers, and alignment to ISTE standards.

Cost: $150 for One Hour Webinar and Digital Inquiry Packet, plus updates for one year after webinar on all inquiry based learning projects.

Digital Inquiry Packet includes:

  • Discussions, activities, and projects (18 pages)
  • Graphic organizers, student log, and rubrics
  • Standards alignment

*Inquiry Based Learning Projects with Dash & Dot will be focused on grades K-5.
**Packet also includes alignment to CCSS, CSTA K-12, and NGSS standards where applicable.

Contact us at 800-321-7511 to schedule a webinar.


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